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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Charles Lyttelton                     3
and fever, and thro' the illnatured stupidity of our people here, who can't judge of what friends suffer by not hearing from one another, I did not receive so much as the alleviation of my illness by my dear Charles's letters, which they had hoarded up for me like old gold, equally dear to me indeed with that, but hoarded up without my having the pleasure of knowing my riches. But I am afraid my eagerness to clear myself from the imputation of neglecting to answer my dear Charles's letters, has made me tire your patience with a tedious roll of excuses, when I know one word would have satisfied my dear Charles's good nature of my innocence. I wish Randal were but as sensible of the pleasure I take in writing to you, as I am, and then he would indulge me a few more minutes without forcing me so hastily to
repeat how much
I am My Dearest Charles
Yr most sincere friend
HOB: WALPOLE. Tell me immediately that you have sealed my pardon.
DEAR CHARLES,                                             Aug" 18th, 1735.
If I was impatient to see you to talk with you, I am much more so now to thank you for being so extremely obliging in your invitation to Hagley. My Lord * is come
LETTER 8.—Not in 0.; now printed      Charlotte, daughter of John Shorter,
from original in possession of Vis;-      and  sister  of  Lady Walpole   (see
count Cobham.                                      Table I).   As Earl of Hertford he
1 Francis Seymour Conway (1718-     -was Ambassador at Paris, 1763-66 1794), second Baron Conway; or.      (during which period Horace Wai-Earl of Hertford, Aug. 3, 1760 ; or.      pole's published letters to him -were, Marquis of Hertford, July 5, 1793.      with one exception, written); Lord He was first cousin of Horace Wai-     Lieutenant of Ireland, 1765-66; Mas-pole, through the marriage of his     ter of the Horse, 1766; Lord Cham-father, tha first Baron Conway      berlain, 1766-82, April-Dec., 1783. (whom he succeeded in 1732), with
B 2